Main motivation
Hurt by the affair, Elizabeth attempts to show Abigail for who she is; a liar and a whore. She also wants to shame John in an
attempt to make him feel guilty, although she does forgive him
Main conflict
Is with Abigail because she tried to steal her husband. She also has a hostile relationship with John
Vengeful, honest, caring, good housewife, intelligent, insecure.
Effect on plot
Elizabeth is the reason Abigail cries witch.
Elizabeth is in the way and John won’t leave his family for Abigail
“She wants me dead. I knew all week it would come to this”. “I counted myself so plain, so poorly made, no honest love could
come to me”.
Role in the conflicts
Caught in the middle as Abigail wants her out of the picture. The deaths occur because Abigail is trying to remove Elizabeth.
This strengthens the relationship with John as the plot develops affirming the relationship as better.
Elizabeth Proctor
  • Quiet dignity and strength
  • Lacking in confidence
  • Difficult to show love and forgiveness to her husband – domestic conflict
  • Encounters conflict as she is accused by Abigail of being a witch
  • Could have resolved the conflict but: (inner conflict)
    • Refuses to admit that John committed adultery
    • Prepared to lose him to the hangman rather than convince him to compromise his principles. This is her final act of love and unselfishness.