Mary Warren

To be accepted by the other girls and mainly Abigail. Is afraid of Abigail and doesn't want to "cross" her.
Main conflict
She has problems with her employer, John Proctor, who beats her.
Subservient, naive, lonely
Effect on
She accused Proctor and refused to save him which led to his death
Witchery's a hangin' error... we must tell the truth, Abby".
Role in the
She enjoys the notoriety and importance of being in the courtroom and giving evidence.
Mary Warren
  • Self important and aware of her power
  • Crushed by Abigails’ bullying – ultimately saves herself by denouncing Proctor as a witch – is easily broken
  • Terrified by her employer, Proctor’s violence
  • Rebellious, indifferent – will not accept Elizabeth’s authority
  • Her role in the conflict – by handing the poppet to Elizabeth, she perpetuates the conflict
  • Could resolve the conflict – is to weak to withstand Abigail’s power in the court.