The impact of encountering conflict

John Proctor, and the other innocent men and women hanged inSalem, exemplify Miller's idea that people of honour and integrity stand resolute when tested, just as the heat resistant crucible does not succumb when its contents are tested at high temperatures. Proctor is a tragic figure, a fallible man who detects hypocrisy, who admits his own sin of lechery. And, in trying to put things right, becomes implicated in charges himself. He refuses to sign a false confession he made to save his life, realising that he could not sign himself to lies and lose his reputation, as well as his soul. Nor would he provide the court with a pretext for condemning his friends to death, explaining to Danforth: “ I have three children. How may I teach them to walk like men in the world, and I sold my friends?” (Page 124). Elizabeth shows more integrity than those in authority, refusing to dissuade him because ”.. he had his goodness now. God forbid, I take it from him”. (Page 126)
The impact of the mass arrests, hangings and false confessions serves to increase, rather than reduce, division. When Hale advises Francis Nurse that the ties of respect and ancient friendships no longer apply and that “...we dare not quail to follow wherever the accusing finger points, (pg 68), he is undermining the very ties that hold communities together.
Hale, who understands the outcome of his actions too late, is a broken man by the end of the play. He realises that in trying to persuade Proctor to sign a false confession that would justify other hangings, he came to”.. do the devil's work. I come to counsel Christians, they should belie themselves. (Page 114). When the neighbouring community of Andover rejects following a similar course of action, Parris reports to Danforth that “...there be a faction here, feeding on that news, and I tell you true, sir, I fear there will be riot here”. (Page 111). He explains the devastating effects of the witch hunt on the community to Danforth:
There are: “ orphans wandering from house to house; abandoned cattle bellow on the high roads, the stink of rotting crops hangs everywhere,and no man knows when a harlots client will end his life -- and you wonder yet if rebellion’s spoke. Better you should marvel at how they do not burn your province! (p114)

Where is the greatest impact of encountering conflict in Salem?The community? Individuals? Family? The community way of life?






The encountering conflict affects nearly every aspect of Salem. It damages their economy, the relationships, their way of life, pretty much everything in Salem. Since there is no farmers to farm the crops, there is not much food. So overall Salem has been completely transformed from a close town, to a town full of "liars" and "witches".

Kate O


Where is the greatest impact of encountering conflict in Salem?The community? Individuals? Family? The community way of life?
The conflict effects everything mentioned above, salim has lost its good name known as a place where satin was rampant, the comunity is greatly effected loosing farmers and other workers of the community, individuals have lost creditablity as they would all be terrified of the power of some and the madness that occured, Families lost mothers and fathers as they were killed for land or jealousy, the community way of life is effected questioning the church's authority not trusting others and a loss in the population.









Kate E

Where is the greatest impact of encountering conflict in Salem?The community? Individuals? Family? The community way of life?
The greatest impact was on families, the conflict made familes grow distrustful of eachother and other families. It changed everything about the town. The entire town suffered greatly from the witch hunts and the impact was shown in every aspect of Salem.


The biggest impact of encountering conflict would be family. Conflict destroys family just like the crucible where John gets hung and Elizabeth will die after the baby is born. Their children will no longer have parents to grow them up, and the community all together is a family based place which ultimatly effects families the most.


The perpetuated hysteria and fear raised from the witch hunt, while ultimatley fatal for a handful of characters, had a massive impact on the community way of life. With so many unjustified death and lack of credibility engulfing both Abigail's faction and the Judge's of the court, the community began to grow suspicious before realising the madness of the trials. The resultant uproar would have dramatically altered the way the community went about their life after the trials, with everything from court hearings to gossip coming under intense scrutiny from the broader community.


The greatest impact of the conflict is a combination of things. The way in which the people in Salem live their lives is imapacted by the conflict, as each person knows everything about everyone and people don't feel safe to live their life, as they are in fear that they will be blamed of witchcraft. Also individuals have been effected by the conflict. Elizabeth and Johns relationship is on the rocks and in trying to fix the problem John results in being hung. The Judge's feel obliged to follow the way of the law and hang people, which means that innocent civilians have died.